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We see ourselves as “street stylist” playing with different colors, textures and finishes to maximize opportunities and choices and to create a unified & unique space.

Thanks to an extraordinary manufacturing capacity and driven by the idea to create practical and elegant urban places, our extensive range of products allows us to think in terms of complete “look and feel”.

We believe in a sustainable approach from conception to realisation of our products, continuously investing in research and innovation.

We carefully select our suppliers, optimize our raw (recyclable) materials and adopt virtuous manufacturing processes that have been internationally recognized through qualitative certifications.

City Design® is part of AGORA-MAKERS, a group that brings together different companies and brands committed to studying emerging needs in order to anticipate future trends, manufacturing furniture to create spaces dedicated to people, which stimulate social interaction, interpersonal connection and well being, both in urban and private settings.

We only use 100% certified sustainable energy for our production and the roofs of our factories, house more than 7500 solar panels, preventing the emission in the atmosphere of more than 850 tons of CO2, corresponding approximately to 340 tons of oil equivalent.